Will A Bright Light or High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work on Squirrels?

Homeowners can often be moved to desperation when trying to remove Bradenton squirrels and other rodents from their homes. Most will try anything after experiencing many sleepless nights listening to Florida squirrels run noisily through the attic and walls. This is the point when many people will start to believe anything they read when it comes to eradicating the pests. Sound machines seem like a good idea because they are non-toxic, and help to reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals. They, however, may not be a replacement for appropriate removal methods.

Bright Light Machine
These machines are often made to bring exceptionally bright light into the darkness of your attic. This may be partially considered due to the nocturnal nature of many Florida rodents. However, squirrels are happy enough to be out and about in broad daylight. The strobe light versions may also be considered to be annoying enough to repel nesting squirrels. This, however, is not a proven method to clear your home of squirrels. It may work temporarily on some animals, but the clever nature of Bradenton rodents will soon prevail. They will find a way to live with it by burrowing nests deep enough to avoid the light or other evasive methods. This may also cause them to retreat further into your walls, causing more damage.

High Pitch Sound Machine
While it is well-known that many Bradenton animals can hear higher pitched sounds than humans, it is not a proven deterrent method. Just because they can hear the sound, does not mean that they will be offended by the noise enough to vacate a comfortable home. These sound machines offer a weak enough signal that it cannot be heard long range. Therefore, even if these devices were effective, they would only work in very limited areas. You may end up doing nothing more than irritated the family pet. These have gained popularity due to recent trends towards natural remedies and safer product use in our homes. There are more proven natural and humane ways to embark on your Florida squirrel repellent endeavor.

Why are these Machines Still on the Market?
Pest control is not regulated the same way as many other services. There is little expectation of proven product studies. Therefore, products can be put on the market with little or no evidence as to their effectiveness. These products end up basically existing in the form of someone’s theoretical idea as to what might work.

Squirrels can be a great inconvenience once they take a hold on your home. Try to keep your head clear when choosing your eviction or repellant method, however. If something sounds too simple, it probably is not a proven deterrent. Talk to Bradenton wildlife professionals and trappers to find out how to take care of the problem for good.

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