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Can Rats Enter a Building Through the Plumbing?

Rats and other Bradenton rodents are very ingenious little critters that will find ways to get into a home or other property just about any way that you can imagine. Digging, ripping, biting, and contorting themselves in such as to gain access to the home or business is one of the things that they do best. Many understand how rats make their way into the home. They get how they break through siding or dig in some gap in the walls and make way to get in, but there are those who wonder if a Florida rat can get into a building through the plumbing. The truth of that matter is that they can.

One of the things you may not be aware of is that Florida rats are excellent swimmers. This means that a pipe that has water in it is no obstacle to a rat as long as the flow as not completely filling the pipe. The rat can only hold its breath for so long so this does not work. However, rats have been known to swim up pipes where the water is held and then emerge through the water and into the home. Surprisingly, the toilet is one of the most well-known areas where a rat can gain access to your home. The water is held until the toilet is flushed, so that rat swims in through the hole where water is flushed out and the rat gains access.

This is not the only place that it can gain access, areas where water drains out of the Florida home is one of the most common means to getting into the house. This can include getting in through the drain where the water heater drips out water or where the washing machine empties water through the spin cycle. While this can be a problem if you are a home owner, the reality is that those living in an apartment may have it even worst. If you think about it, the more rooms that have plumbing means the more ways that rat can get into the complex. There are so many pipes that run into the drainage system, which is usually located in the lower part of the building heading into the sewer system. At night when the water is not being used as much, Bradenton rats can come in through the sewers below, and travel right up the pipes and into whatever apartment they choose to follow the pipes to. Yipes!

From the roof is another way that they follow the plumbing down into people’s apartments. Most Bradenton apartments have the water rise to the top of the building and then go down into the apartments. This increases pressure, but is also means that if a rat can find a way into that system then they have a water slide into the apartment.

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