Why do Raccoons Tear Up Sod?

If you have just laid out fresh sod, it can be very frustrating to see that a Bradenton animal has destroyed your beautiful lawn. There are many animals that could be to blame for this, but the most likely culprit is a raccoon. Raccoons have the frustrating habit of tearing up sod, but why would they do this? This is explained below along with some ways that you can prevent Florida raccoons from destroying your lawn and tearing up your sod. These preventative measures might take some time and effort, but they will be worth it if you are able to protect your lawn.

When sod is placed, the fresh soil combined with high humidity levels will make worms and maggots breed. The Bradenton raccoon can easily rip up your sod to find grubs and worms. Here are some ways that you can stop raccoons from tearing up your sod.

1. Using a Sod Protector
Protectedsod uses a structure created specifically to make it difficult for the Florida raccoon to walk on the ground or rip the sod.

2. Use Lighting in the Area Around the Sod
Replace the bulbs of your yard lights with 100W bulbs or turn on the lights and focus them on your garden soil that you want to protect.

3. Use Sprinklers with a Scarecrow System
This tool creates fear in Florida raccoons and other animals and keeps them away from the sod. The scarecrow can create fear by itself, but when combined with a water sprinkling system, it is especially effective.

4. Using Moth Scent
The strong scent on the sod will make the Florida raccoons avoid the area.

5. Using Pure Soap Flakes
Usingpure soap flakes will reduce the number of grubs and worms in the soil.

Raccoons have the habit of tearing up sod, which can be really discouraging to homeowners. If you have laid down fresh sod or even if your sod is well-established, you should take some protective measures to keep Bradenton raccoons and other animals from destroying your hard work and your beautiful lawn. Even though the raccoons are looking for food and are unaware that they are creating more headaches and work for you, it doesn’t make this situation any easier to accept. If you take the preventative measures, you will be able to sleep easy and know that your Florida lawn is protected.

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