How to get Opossums Out from Under a Shed or Porch

Your home is intended to be a place where you can enjoy coming home and feeling like you can shut out the rest of the world. However, there are things that can ruin the tranquility of your domicile, and nothing can do that more than to have a wild Bradenton animal living in and around your home. One of the ones that can be especially troubling is when an opossum has taken up residence under your porch or in your shed. These animals not only leave a mess, but also carry diseases that can be truly dangerous to you and your family. If you have a Florida possum that is making up residence at your home, here are some things you can do to get rid of it.

It starts with the fact that these Bradenton animals are nocturnal. That means trying to get rid of them during the day is not a good option. They are asleep and don’t really want to leave anyway. So whatever plan you implement needs to begin when it is dusk. It is a good idea to get yourself a large light to help you and put some speakers outside that you can play loud music on. You need to watch when the possum comes out. When it is far enough from the porch or the shed, then turn on the lights and the music to scare the Florida possum away from your home. While it is away, now it is time to spring into action.

You need to find where the Florida possum is getting under your porch or into your shed and block this area so that it cannot regain access. You should use a material that makes it very hard to get back in, and seal it with caulk. A good suggestion that many offer is to use steel wool in the sealant. This is an irritant to the opossum and will make it much more difficult to get in. After you have sealed the area, there are a couple of things you can do to keep it away. One is to put in motion sensors that will shine a bright light out when it detects the Bradenton possum returning. This will scare it off again. There are also motions sensors you can get to use for your sprinkler. If you have these turn on, the water propulsion will really cause it to run.

Lastly, if you want to really scare it off, predator urine is a real benefit as well. With urine like wolf or coyote, you can place this around the shed or porch and that will keep the Bradenton opossum from returning. You may not like the smell, so you should be aware of that, but neither will the possum like it.

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