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About Groundhogs

The Bradenton groundhog, also known as the woodchuck or the whistle pig, is a species of rodent that is very common in North America. The typical groundhog grows to about 26 inches long, which includes about six inches for their tails, and weighs about 9 pounds. However, the groundhog can actually get quite big. Some have grown to as big as 30 inches and weighed more than 31 pounds.

The Florida groundhog is found most often across North America in forested areas. The clearing of forests has brought the population in danger as they are finding the lands that they once flourished in decreasing all the time. They are also frequently hunted for sport, also decreasing their numbers even further.

Groundhogs live as long as six years, but three is the average amount. There are many Florida animals that see this rodent as the perfect meal, including coyotes, bears, eagles, bobcats, and wolves, making them at risk to be hunted and eaten if another Bradenton animal come across them. Groundhogs are herbivores, meaning that they prefer to eat leaves and plants. This includes such things in their diet as berries, crops, dandelions, and clover. They are not only herbivores, however. These animals will eat grubs, grasshoppers, snails and other insects. While they will eat these insects, these animals are by no means omnivores.

These Bradenton animals are quite adept to burrowing. They will sleep in these holes that they create, and it the perfect place to give birth to and raise their young, as well as to hibernate. The normal size of a burrow is about 9 square feet, giving them plenty of room to move around once they are inside. Inside a burrow can be several tunnels that allow for exit routes should the den be entered by a predator. There are usually four or five openings that allow for an emergency exit. These are solitary animals, meaning that they do not live with other Florida groundhogs. The only time that they will look to be in close proximity with other groundhogs, is during mating or if the mother is raising her young.

The Florida groundhog is one animal that is a true hibernator. They will often have a burrow that they live in during most of the year, and a winter one that is used for hibernation. This is usually in some area that is in the frost line so that the temperature does not get too cold in the winter. The Bradenton groundhog will breed in its second year and the season for breeding goes from March to late April. The pair will stay in the same den for about 32 days after conception, which is the period of gestation. Once the young are born, the male will leave. There are usually two to six babies in a litter.

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